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There is something special about watching a movie together

We felt we should do something different with this movie. Something which has never been done before. Something which will encourage fellowship. Because there is something special about watching a movie together, that you can’t experience when watching alone. Watching it together will open doors for even more people to meet God.

Your own exclusive screening event

The worldwide release will be on 31 March. During the whole of March however, we want to give you the opportunity to do an exclusive screening of this movie in your house, church, cinema or any other location. See it before the official release, enjoy it with your friends, family and fellow disciples, have some real good biblical fellowship and use it to get people to know Jesus!

That’s great, I want to join!

Just take the following steps to have your chance at the exclusive early access:

  1. Find a venue to do the screening.
  2. Make sure you are able to play a streamed or downloaded movie (we don’t send a DVD!)
  3. Sign up on our registration page.
  4. Gather at least 8 people.
  5. Show the movie.

It’s all about the Gospel

This movie will be an evangelistic tool for all that love Jesus, to reach thousands of people all over the world. After you have shown the movie, there’s a great opportunity to pray for people and tell about Jesus. Step out in faith, for it is the Holy Spirit who helps us in our weakness. We would love for you to send us one or more pictures of your event, with a little text of what happened afterwards and people’s responses.

Step out in faith for it is the Holy Spirit who helps us in our weakness.

We believe that by doing it this way we will see many more people meeting God, than if people would have been sitting alone at home and see the movie for themselves. Let’s come together in bigger and smaller groups and invite friends and people that don’t know God to see this movie! Afterwards, you heal the sick, preach the gospel and make disciples.


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