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From the living room of a popstar, to a homeless man on the streets…


The Last Reformation: The Life is the sequel to ”The Last Reformation: The Beginning” that has inspired many people around the world. Just as with the first movie, we experienced how God led the whole process of filming and producing. And slowly we started to see what God wanted to show the church through this movie. While the first movie laid the foundation of the gospel of Jesus – how to become a new creation in Christ,  this movie focuses on the walk after someone has been born again. It shows that this walk as a disciple is difficult, but also that victories will be part of it when we remain faithful to Jesus’ words.

This movie will inspire, convict and challenge you to become everything God created you to be. From the living room of a rockstar, to a homeless man on the streets in Brazil; come experience the movement that is growing all around the world as people discover what it truly means to be disciples of Jesus.

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